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oaxaca, mexico

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oaxaca, mexico

The Biblioteca de Semillas, inspired by the Oaxaca’s annual Feria de Agrobiodiversidad and Jardin Etnobotanico, is an anticapitalist community space for moneyless exchange of native seeds, supporting ethnobotanical literacy, resilience through biodiversity, abundance and seed sovereignty, while platforming indigenous seed and soil stewards and their local projects. On its off days, the space operates free community space for locals who want to exhibit, hold workshops, circles or healing sessions. The Biblioteca is a seed sanctuary, and a replicable strategy for climate resilience that has inspired similar libraries in surrounding communities. 



Water Sanctuary is a sacred space that regenerates and restores water as it is enjoyed and cared for. It is a climate customizable sculpture complex, representing the combined knowledge of centuries of transnational indigenous traditions and technologies, compiled, tested and explained in an open source digital document and printed art book. Employing only local natural materials, without electricity or mined metals, these rainwater catchment baths engage sustainable science and living ethnobotanicals to engender interspecies kinship and encourage decolonized relation building and reciprocal systems of water stewardship and celebration. This archive of fieldwork will be available free, at no cost to the human community, in an effort to encourage widespread implementation.

oaxaca, mexico
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